Q1. What is changing?

We are changing two things -:

  1. The legal entity of your current contract for “Practo Prime Online Consultation” changes from “Practo Technologies Pvt Ltd” to “Qikwell Technologies India Pvt Limited” (Qikwell). Qikwell is part of the Practo group of companies, i.e both Practo technologies and Qikwell are 100% owned by the same parent company.
  2. For Practo Prime Online Consultation, Practo is the telemedicine service provider. 

Q2. Why are we making this change?

Thanks to the efforts of Practo’s partners, we have grown online consultations by more than 10 times since March. We plan to grow further to bring high quality healthcare to the homes of many more patients. However with growth comes complexity, for Practo as well as for Patients and Providers. 

Patients and providers on Practo have two options for accessing and providing online consultations – Instant Consult and Prime Online Consultation. We are unifying the terms of both to make it simpler for both patients and providers to participate on the platform. Several providers use both methods and hence the same terms for both will make the platform easier to use.

Q3. What does it mean for healthcare providers offering Practo Prime Online Consultation?

The following things change

  1. Practo will invoice the patient and collect a fee. Practo will pay the Providers the same amounts that providers were getting before this change.
  2. As per telemedicine guidelines issued by the board of governors in supersession to the Medical Council of India (https://www.mohfw.gov.in/pdf/Telemedicine.pdf), section 5.3, technology platforms are required to report any non-compliance by registered medical practitioners. To enable that, and to improve user experience, quality /other related processes, Practo’s medical team may perform clinical review of the consultations

Q4. What all data can Practo’s medical team access for the purposes of the clinical review?

Practo’s medical team will not be able to access any of the patient’s personally identifiable information like Name, Mobile Number or Email ID. They will only have access to the chat transcripts, and audio call recordings and video recording of the video consultations with the patient video blurred. The clinical review is done as per internationally recognized standards and protocols and there are stringent guidelines and checks in place to ensure zero unauthorized access.

Q5. Will the payout to providers change?

No. Practo charged 20% of the consultation fee (including GST) and used to issue a monthly invoice to the healthcare provider for the total platform fees (including GST).

Under the new contract, Practo will issue an invoice to the patient for consultation, collect money and pay 80% of the consultation fee to the health care providers. (86.5% of the consultation fees less 7.5% TDS on that. TDS is deposited with income tax authorities as per the income tax norms). Hence the provider will still get 80% of the consultation fees in their bank accounts, exactly what they were receiving before. Instead of a monthly invoice, Practo will share a statement of earnings to the healthcare provider.

Q6. Can a healthcare provider choose to stay on the old terms and conditions?

No. We will be discontinuing the old terms and conditions and by continuing to take teleconsultations on Practo healthcare providers agree to switch to the new terms and conditions.