1. Will Insta help me get more patients?
    Insta is a hospital management software and it does not help directly drive new patients to the hospital.
  2. How much time will it take to implement?
    Insta has one of the fastest implementation turnaround times in the industry. We will also help you with the implementation as well as the onboarding process. Depending upon the size of your hospital, the implementation can be completed within as quickly as 3 days.
  3. How safe is my data with Practo?
    Safety of your data is our top priority. We have multi-level security checks, multiple data backups, and stringent policies in place to ensure your data remains safe and secure. At the outset, your data is stored with 256-bit encryption on HIPAA compliant servers. Further, we are an ISO27001:2013 certified company. This certification is one of the most recognized and stringent information security certifications that validates a company’s efforts on protecting data and all kinds of information assets.
  4. What about my staff? Will I have to teach them how to use Insta?
    Our team is always ready to train your staff members so that they can use Insta with ease. Once the implementation is done, we provide training for your staff so that they are comfortable with using Insta.
  5. Does Insta provide support?
    We have a dedicated central support team that will help you after the implementation and training program too. We also have a dedicated, friendly customer support team at your service over email, phone and live chat, so that you always have someone to reach out to. Call us on 9180-49202432, 9180-67095209 or email insta-support@practo.com.
  6. What about updates? Will I have to purchase the software again?
    You are automatically entitled to all updates for free, as long as you remain an active subscriber.
  7. Can Insta be hosted on-premise?
    Yes, Insta supports both cloud-based solutions as well as an on-premise installation.