Practo Reach and CPT: Terms of Use

 Practo Reach: Terms of Use : 

Practo Reach (“Reach”) is a subscription package which enables institutions, establishments and organizations engaged in the healthcare practices (“Practices”) the opportunity to appear at a superior position among the search results of an End User in a particular zone

  1. The Reach subscription will be active only upon realization of payment and clinic & primary doctor profile going live on The process usually takes 7-10 working days.
  2. The Reach subscription will enable the Practice to appear at a superior position among the listing search results of an end user in a particular zone and specialty combination. A minimum number of views of the Reach card are as indicated for the duration in the invoice. Do note that the Reach subscription will have no direct impact on the position of the doctors of the Practices in the organic listing results on
  3. The Reach subscription will provide indicated number of views but does not guarantee any minimum number of patient transactions for the duration specified in the invoice.
  4. The impressions (views) are as indicated by Practo. In the event, indicated number of impressions are not provided, Practo will extend your subscription on pro-rata basis. In case we are unable to provide the indicated number of impressions beyond one (1) extension, then Practo shall at its discretion be entitled to further extend your subscription or refund the payment received, on a pro-rata basis. As a part of the Reach subscription, the Practice will have access to a dashboard where the impressions provided during the agreed period can be viewed.
  5. Post expiry of the duration mentioned in the invoice, the Reach subscription can be extended on mutual agreement and upon realization of the payment towards the same.
  6. Practo understands that the Practices may require to pause a Reach subscription to accommodate for any unforeseen exigencies upon a service request being raised to to effect the pause.  Practo will allow for an advertisement to be paused for a maximum duration of 15 days in 6 months period; 30 days in 12 months period and 60 days in 24 months period.
  7. The content/data provided by the Practices shall be provided by Practo on “as is” basis. In the event any change in such content/data, the Practices shall notify Practo immediately of such change.
  8. The Practices shall only be responsible for the data provided on behalf of the doctors.
  9. The Reach subscription lists only the Practices registered with the website and Practo reserves the right to display or to take down any listing, under any applicable law.
  10. By subscribing to the Reach subscription, the Practices agrees that any information shared by the Practices with Practo or its affiliates, will be subject to Practo’s privacy policy.
  11. Practo reserves the right to display the patient stories or the recommendations of the Practices.
  12. Practo shall not be liable for any third party claims arising under the applicable laws in relation to Reach subscription and the Practices are advised to review and adhere to applicable laws and regulations in relation to applicable jurisdiction.
  13. Practo will not be liable for accuracy or inaccuracy of information or the claims related thereto with respect to the Reach subscription. Practo will not be liable for the services provided by the Practices or for the content posted by such Practices.
  14. Practices agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Practo and all its employees, consultants or agents from and against any and all third party claims, actions, suits, proceedings, loss, damages, costs and expenses that any or all of them may suffer or incur on account of Practices breach of any terms mentioned herein and/or breach of applicable laws
  15. In no event will Practo be liable to the Practices for lost profits or lost revenue, or for any consequential, indirect, incidental, punitive, special or exemplary damages whatsoever, including without limitation, damages for business interruption, loss of information and the like, incurred by the Practices herein. Practo’s liability herein shall not be in any event, greater than the total amount paid or payable by the Practices to Practo hereunder in the twelve (12) months period preceding the most recent claim.

 Practo CPT: Terms of Use : 

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