You can access your practice information in Practo Ray without an internet connection! Simply use the Practo Ray App on your smartphone. Download the free app now:

Download on iOS App Store    Download on Android Play Store

Here’s what you can do offline:

  1. View and manage your daily practice schedule
  2. Book new appointments or reschedule existing ones
  3. View and manage Patient Contacts
  4. Add new patients or update profile for existing ones
  5. Check patient bills and see pending amounts
  6. Add files to patients’ record using your phone’s camera and easily digitise files, x-rays and diagnostics reports
  7. Manage multiple practices on the go
  8. View a special performance dashboard tailored to your practice

Note: The iOS app is read-only, which means data can be accessed offline but cannot be edited.

How sync works on the Practo app:

Step 1: You download the app & sign in to your account

Step 2: All practice data is synced (i.e. downloaded to your phone)

Step 3: Even if internet connectivity is unavailable, you can still access your practice data and make any changes (like adding or rescheduling appointments, making bills, adding records)

Step 4: Any changes you make offline are stored on your phone. Once you reconnect to the internet, all data syncs again, automagically!

Will SMS & email reminders be sent to patients if appointments are scheduled offline?

Sending reminders require the use of our servers. Hence, appointment reminders will be sent to patients only when you have internet access.

Can I raise bills offline?

Billing also requires the use of our servers, making adding new bills & collecting payments an online-only process. However, you can view old bills and check the amount due, while using the app offline.