Dr. Poonam SambhajiChildren are considered as a bundle of joy for people around the world. But when they are ill, they need meticulous care. So concerned parents will be anxious for their children to receive the best medical attention. But most parents are working couples, and they sometimes forget vaccination dates, prescriptions and medical records, owing to their busy schedules. So along with providing quality medical care to the child, Dr. Poonam also has to manage the parent’s expectations. Then Dr. Poonam chanced upon something that changed the way she ran her practice.

Dr. Poonam had to take her child to a speech therapist. She made an appointment with the speech clinic, where she received an SMS that her appointment was confirmed. This efficacy of communication caught her eye, and she asked the receptionist there about the software the clinic used – and that’s how she stumbled onto Practo Ray.

Reminder SMS, so the kids never miss vaccinations

We remember being terrified of ‘injections’ when we were children. And how we secretly hoped our parents would forget to take us. With Dr. Poonam’s Reminder SMSes, she can be sure that the kids never miss a vaccination. The parents are grateful that someone else cares about their child as much as they do.HTCOne1

Electronic Medical Records – The nerve centre of her practice

Electronic Medical Records are part of the practice management package that Ray offers. She uses it to maintain all her patient information. We wanted to find out how she used each feature and how it made a difference. This is what she had to say:

Clinical Notes – Her all-in-one doctors notepad EMR Practo Ray V6 Practo RayShe uses it to record the child’s ailments and her diagnoses. With that, she has a complete overview of what the child is going through, and what her treatment is. And since it’s all online, she can access it from anywhere.

Treatment plans – A medical roadmap for her patientsEMR Round the Clock Healthcare PractoImmunizations for children are spread over a couple years, at regular intervals. Dr.Poonam ingeniously uses Treatment plans to schedule these immunizations. The duration of the vaccinations is made clear to the parents, and they also get a cost estimate.

Files – For help beyond the clinicEMR Practo Ray V6 Practo Ray files

A novel way she uses files is by Uploading information booklets on Weaning Stages, Child Weight Growth Timeline etc. This helps the parents manage their children’s health, even after they’ve left the clinic.

Prescriptions that find their way to her patients

HTCOneDr. Poonam hasn’t had to reach out for a pen ever since she got Ray. Earlier, it was all handwritten (on paper, of course). But now she has the convenience of sending prescriptions by clicking a button, and she’s been able to pass on this convenience to the parents. Her prescriptions now find their way to her patient’s (in this case, the parent’s) phones. She can also send them as an Email.Email prescriptionSo there’s no chance of losing them and fumbling around when they

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needed it the most – at the pharmacy. It’s also increased her visibility in the neighbourhood; When her patients show the SMS prescriptions and reminders to other patients, they are curious to know who this tech-savvy doctor is. This curiosity has attracted more people to her clinic.

More patients, Less management

Dr. Poonam’s has been seeing increased footfalls to her clinic, and Practo Ray has been a partner in the growth. Whether it is to keep track of the medical histories of the children, or to chart out treatment plans for every single child, Ray has been by her side for every step. She also says the other software she used were expensive and complicated. Practo Ray is an easy to use, cost-effective management solution at her disposal. On the Practo customer speak page, she says “… Practo [Ray] is the best investment I ever did”.