To enable doctors in our network to check their consolidated as well as individual earnings for online consultations on Practo more easily, we have introduced a new feature on the Practo Pro app.

Here’s how it works

They can get started by first clicking on the ‘earnings’ icon on Practo Pro’s home page. On selecting the duration – be it monthly, weekly, daily or even customizing it based on their requirements – they can see their earnings for that time period.

What is more, in addition to the total earnings made over the selected period, the new feature will also provide them other useful information, including:

  • Earnings for each each individual transaction
  • Number of consultations cancelled, including date and time of appointment
  • Number of consultations completed, and more

Why we introduced this feature

As of now, there is no single view for our partners to get detailed information about their earnings through Instant Consult. This includes total earnings as well as how much they made during a particular period of time or on specific transactions.

With this new feature, they will not only get more visibility on their total earnings, but also get a better understanding of how they can improve it in the future – all in one place. What is more, it will include all types of earnings, including those made from cancelled transactions, follow-up consultations as well as additional incentives and rewards.

However, although we are yet to incorporate the Full Time adherence payout in the current version of this feature, we assure you that it will soon be added in the coming updates. Until then, we hope this will help our doctor partners get better visibility and transparency into their earnings for online consultations.