1. How does free in-clinic consultation with doctors and hospitals work?
    Once you buy Practo Plus, you will see over 30,000+ doctors, clinics & hospitals with PLUS tag on the Practo app.
    There are 2 ways in which you can avail a free in-clinic consultation;
    Cashless: You can avail this at 2,000+ doctors, clinics & hospitals. After you purchase Practo Plus, look out for the PLUS tag when looking for doctors on Practo app. While at the clinic or hospital, you just have to either scan the PLUS QR code at the venue or share your visit id with the receptionist and complete the consultation absolutely cashless. Members may need to show some id-proof at the venue if required. Once you find a doctor with a PLUS tag, just book an appointment through the Practo app.
    Reimbursement: You can avail this at 30,000+ doctors, clinics & hospitals. After you purchase Practo Plus, look out for the PLUS tag when looking for doctors on Practo app. Once you find a doctor with a PLUS tag, just book an appointment or call a doctor through Practo app. If you’re unhappy with the consultation, just send an image of your paid invoice/bill with the clinic/hospital name, patient name, doctor name and consultation amount along with your bank details. We will directly reimburse the consultation fees (up to Rs.500) to your specified bank account in less than 7 days.
  2. Is there any type of doctors that are not included in Practo Plus in-clinic consultation network?
    While Practo Plus network has more than 30,000+ doctors, there are certain specializations that are not included in it. Some of these include: specializations are Physiotherapy, Psychiatry, Homeopathy, and Ayurveda. All other specializations such as Gynaecology, Paediatrics, and Dermatology are included in Practo Plus network and we are constantly working towards adding more in the future.
  3. How do the unlimited online consultations work?
    All members of your PLUS family healthcare plan will have access to their own team of doctors on the Practo app across 20 specialities. You will be connected to a doctor in less than 60 seconds. You will be able to communicate with the doctor through text, voice call, and video call. Each consultation will be free of cost and will be completely private. Only the respective patient and the doctor will be able to access the consultation; other members of the same Practo Plus plan will not be able to access another member’s conversation with their doctor.
  4. How does flat 20% OFF on medicines work?
    As a Practo Plus member, you get flat 20% off on all prescription medicines (Non-DPCO). Any additional offers applicable would be over and above this base discount. This discount will only be applicable for a medicine, which is marked as ‘prescription required’ on Practo platform. This can be identified with the symbol ‘Rx’ next to the medicine name. (On average, Non-Practo Plus users get an average discount of 14% for these medicines on the app.)
    However, there are few medicines that require prescriptions but come under the DPCO Act 1995, which the Government of India prohibits discounting beyond a particular level. For these medicines, Practo Plus users will get a 15% discount. (On average, Non-Practo Plus users get an average discount of 5% for these medicines.)
  5. How does flat 20% off on lab tests work?
    All Practo Plus members get an ADDITIONAL 20% discount on all diagnostic tests and health checkups over and above any running discounts. However, this discount cannot be clubbed with any further limited offer coupon discounts.
  6. What hospitals are part of the PLUS healthcare plan?
    Our network has 30,000+ doctors, clinics and hospitals across specializations. Some hospitals that are on the Practo Plus network are Apollo hospitals, Manipal hospitals, Rxdx hospital, People tree, SSNMC, Phoenix hospital, and Sagar clinic. We are onboarding more hospitals by the day. This list will only become longer as we keep building our network.
  7. I don’t see my doctors/clinic/hospital on the list?
    Practo has 30,000+ doctors, clinics and hospitals across top cities, including several specializations. 70% of the doctors in the PLUS network have more than 10 yrs of experience and all the doctors on PLUS network are highly rated.
  8. What doctors will be available on unlimited online consultations?
    Practo has a variety of doctors across 20 specialities including gynaecology, dermatology, and paediatrics. Doctors that you will be connected to are verified by Practo and enjoy 90%+ feedback on the Practo platform. You can also see their complete profile at the time of the consultation.
  9. How do health checkups work?
    Either you or any of the members can book up to 2 health checkups for any family member in your Practo Plus plan. Our partner lab technicians will come to your home to pick up the blood sample. Your report will be emailed to you and will also be available for easy access in your Practo app.
  10. How many online consultations can I use?
    However, Practo reserves the right to change this policy on a case-by-case basis in case we notice any misuse of the benefits provided.
  11. Is there a limit of the number of in-clinic consultations I can use per family member?
    No, there is no limit of appointments per family member. In total, you have 10 in-clinic consultations as part of Practo Plus healthcare plan that you can use across members. You can use all 10 for 1 member or for any of the 6 members.
  12. Will family members be able to access my online consultations?
    Each family member will only have access to their own online consultations. Even though you might be consulting online with the same doctor, each family member can access only their personal online consultations. Only if the member is a child, a parent/adult access his/her online consultations.
  13. How many members can be part of a Practo Plus plan?
    4 adults and 2 children.
  14. Where do the health checkups get processed? Which lab?
    We partner with NABL accredited labs to process your health checkups. Our current lab partner for Practo Plus healthcare plan is Thyrocare.
  15. How do I add family members?
    You can add family members to your plan by providing their mobile numbers. Each member will be able to access all the services by logging in from their mobile number.
  16. How long does a Practo Plus healthcare plan last?
    Practo Plus healthcare plan is an annual family plan. It will last for one year from the date of your purchase.
  17. Can I cancel Practo Plus plan after buying?
    We offer a 15-day money-back guarantee on all purchases of PLUS. We will refund the money based on the service of the PLUS plan that you have used or not used.
  18. Why do I need to add children to the Practo Plus healthcare plan?
    To avail appointments with Paediatricians on the Practo Plus network, you will need to add your children as part of the PLUS family healthcare plan.