A. Nature and Applicability of Terms

This Practo Plus Infinity Plan (“Infinity Plan”) is being executed by Practo Technologies Private Limited, either through itself or its affiliates (collectively “Practo”). Your continued usage or access shall be deemed to be your acceptance of the said premise and these terms and conditions (“Plan Terms”). Practo reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions with or without notice.

Please go through these Infinity Plan Terms carefully before you decide to avail this service facilitated by Practo on its Website. The Infinity Plan Terms set out herein are in addition to the Practo Terms and Conditions (available at https://www.practo.com/company/terms) read with the Privacy Policy (available at https://www.practo.com/company/privacy), (the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are together referred as “Standard Policies”) and together they constitute a legal agreement between You and Practo. The Standard Policies and the Infinity Plan Terms are to be read in connection with Your visit to the Website and Your use of this service respectively. To the extent of any inconsistency between the Standard Policies and the Infinity Plan Terms herein, the Infinity Plan Terms herein shall prevail over the Standard Policies to the extent of the inconsistency.

B. Bouquet of Services

The Infinity Plan offers a collection of services that are rendered by Practo and certain other third parties. While they are being rendered under the aegis of Practo, You acknowledge that the underlying service being rendered pursuant to the Infinity Plan may be delivered by and rendered through another entity and as such your subscription to this Infinity Plan creates underlying contractual relations between You and such third party. If you need further information about the other entities with whom you are contracting with pursuant to this Infinity Plan, then please reach out to Practo.

C. Terms

a. The specific service lines to be serviced by Practo are subject to and governed by the terms applicable to Health Plan that are published at https://www.practo.com/company/terms (“Primary Terms”). These service lines are:

  1. Consultations
  2. Medicine
  3. Diagnostics
  4. Health Check-ups

b. All services under the Infinity Plan (tele-consultations, in-clinic appointments, medicine orders, diagnostic tests or  health check-ups) can be availed only through the Practo App. For availing both cashless or reimbursement benefits in respect of in-clinic appointments, the Book Appointment functionality needs to be utilized.

c. Depending on the plan chosen by You, the Plan Terms shall regulate Your individual or Your family’s usage of the services offered under the Infinity Plan. In case of a family plan chosen by You for your family, You represent that You are authorized to subscribe to these services on behalf of your family members and that they shall be bound by the stipulations hereunder.

d. The specific number or limit up to which the service lines shall be rendered shall be set out in the Plan Page and these limits may be subject to fair usage policies made applicable in Practo’s discretion.

e. The in-patient hospitalization coverage (“IPD”) shall be rendered by an authorized insurance provider the details of which are set out in the Plan Page (“Insurer”). IPD shall be subject to such limits and other conditions as set out by the Insurer and You will have to meet all requirements to be eligible for IPD. Please review the terms and conditions as prescribed by the Insurer and ensure that you comply with them to be able to receive all benefits out of it.

f. For assessment of claims in respect of hospitalization coverage, Practo may share the history of appointments and consultation done through its platforms with the Insurer. 

g. Practo shall not be responsible for or be liable in any manner for any act or omission of the Insurer and You shall have and must utilize any recourse that you have against the Insurer for that purpose.

D. Miscellaneous

a. Practo reserves its right to terminate or discontinue this Plan at any time. The existing benefits availed by you under the Plan will continue to be available subject to the limits associated with such Plan, during the Plan terms and the applicable terms and conditions notwithstanding any termination and/or discontinuance. Practo will endeavour to provide your prior notice of such discontinuance or termination. 

b. In case of fraud or misuse, Practo reserves the right to cancel the subscription with a pro-rata refund calculated based on the usage of the services. Further, the subscription shall be automatically cancelled in case of non-payment of subscription fees on or before the payment due date.

c. All terms capitalized but not defined herein shall have the same meaning as ascribed to them under the Primary Terms