Practo Ray comes with a Global Drug Catalogue, from which you can choose from almost 100,000 most commonly prescribed drugs, brands & salt names to prescribe to patients. You can see this catalog when you are making a prescription.

How do I use the global drug catalogue?

You can find drugs you want to prescribe by searching for it from the catalog on the right. Simply type the first few characters of the drug’s salt name or brand and a list of all matching drugs appears automatically.


You can add the drug you want to your prescription by clicking on it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 5.41.35 pm

How do I add the drugs in global drug catalogue to my inventory?

If you are a Practo Ray Pro customer, you will be able to add drugs directly from the drug catalogue into your inventory. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Go to Inventory


Step 2: Click on ‘+ New Item’ to add a new drugInventory new item

Step 3: Type the first few characters of the drug in the ‘item name’ field.

Add drug

Step 4: Details such as manufacturer, stocking unit & item type are autopopulated from the drug catalogue!

Drug details autopopulated

Step 5: To ensure your inventory stock position shows up when you’re prescribing a drug, ensure the ‘I prescribe this’ checkbox is ticked. You can also add instructions to save time later!

I prescribe this


Step 6; Done. Ensure you Save this item before exiting the screen.