1. Log into your Ray account and go to Records.1
  2. Once you click on Records, following screen appears. Select the Profile tab in the left pane. Click on the desired patient profile.
  3. In the patient’s profile, locate the Medical History section on the right side of the page. Click Edit.
  4. On clicking Edit, following screen appears. Locate the Medical History section on the right and select relevant health conditions from the menu.
  5. If you don’t see a medical condition listed in the menu, click Add New to add it to the list.
  6. Type a medical condition and click Save.
  7. It’ll be added to the list of medical histories.
  8. If you still want to add some other medical histories, enter them in the Other History section.
  9. Once you are done adding all the necessary data, click Save Patient.
  10. You can now see the list of medical histories added to the patient profile page.