1. How does Practo Reach work?
    • Practo Reach provide clinics, hospitals & healthcare practices more visibility by showing highly targeted, contextual information cards about the practice to patients as they search for doctors on Practo.com. These cards are served automatically based on the patient’s search, to ensure relevance and quality. Any registered healthcare practice can opt for a Practo Reach subscription for a given specialty and a given set of localities (zone).
  2. Where does a Practo Reach card show?
    • The card shows on the specialty listing pages of the selected zone.
  3. How many clinics or hospitals can sign up for Practo Reach for a particular area?
    • The number of practices that can sign up for Practo Reach is calculated based on the page traffic for a specialty in a given zone. The visibility of a Practo Reach card is also dependent on site traffic. Practo reserves the right to modify the number of practices or visibility of Reach cards.
  4. Does signing up for Practo Reach guarantee any leads/appointments?
    • Practo Reach is a tool to enhance reach and visibility and does not guarantee appointments.

FAQs also mentioned on the Practo Reach website:

  1. As a doctor, can I enhance visibility for my practice?
    • As per the MCI ethics guideline 6.1.1, individuals and institutions cannot solicit patients. However, 7.12 of the MCI ethics guidelines allows an institution run by a physician to enhance their visibility as long as the information provided is limited to name of the institution, type of patients admitted, type of training and other facilities offered as well as the fees. Practo Reach is in compliance with these guidelines as it does not allow doctors or institutions to solicit patients. It is the digital equivalent of a clinic’s signboard that any patient would see only if he is explicitly searching for a doctor of that speciality. It only shows factual information about the clinic including name, timings and location and is therefore just a more convenient way to access this information.
  2. Who will create all the communication for my clinic?
    • Practo can help do all the heavy lifting to create beautiful communication for your clinic. This creation of communication is done free of charge when you sign up for Practo Reach.
  3. Do I require Practo Ray account to use Practo Reach?
    • No. Using Practo reach does not require you to buy a Practo Ray account.
  4. How do I know how my Practo Reach subscription is performing?
    • Practo sends you regular emails and SMSs that tell you how your Reach subscription is performing. Additionally, you also have access to a dashboard that gives you vital information.
  5. Does Practo Reach influence the order in which I am listed in the search results?
    • No. Buying Practo Reach has no impact on the order in which you will be shown in our search results. Practo reach offers you a banner space on top of all search results where you can display information about your clinic. Note that this spot is clearly marked ‘sponsored’.
  6. How much do I owe for every patient that comes through Practo.com?
    • Practo does not charge for patients or appointments that come through your online Practo.com profile.