What does Practo do? 

  • Our vision is to simplify healthcare by making quality healthcare more accessible, affordable and convenient
  • Practo connects the entire health ecosystem together – patients, doctors, pharmacy, diagnostics, clinics, hospitals and other partners, to generate exceptional value and service for all, esp. the end consumers. We integrate different parts of the healthcare journey and put them together end-to-end on our platform, so that patients can have one seamless experience, irrespective of their need

What are the products offered by Practo for consumers?

  • Prime – High quality doctor visits that start on time; Practo guaranteed. Know more
  • Plus – Subscription based care that offers unlimited online consultations, appointments that start on time, for the entire family. Know more
  • Online Consultation  – Virtual consults with quality doctors anytime, anywhere. Know more

What are the products offered by Practo for clinics and hospitals?

  • Prime – A technology product for clinics and hospitals which lets them deliver an exceptional visit experience to patients.
  • Ray – Practice management software for clinics
  • Insta – Hospital Management software for hospitals
  • Reach – Ad slot for clinics and hospitals for getting better visibility on Practo

What are the products offered by Practo for doctors?

  • Practo Profile – Build your digital presence and create a free Practo profile so more patients can discover you and find more information about you
  • Consult – Consult patients online, or offer follow-ups to your clinic patients
  • Health Feed – Publish health tips to educate and inspire millions of people to lead a healthier lifestyle

What is Practo’s revenue  model?

We have a simple, yet powerful model in place:

  • Prime subscriptions – Works on simple pay per use model. We charge a one time technology fee to medical establishments. It’s free for consumers
  • Online consultation fee  – We charge a consultation fee to consumers which is passed on to the respective doctors after deducting a standard platform development fee
  • Medicine delivery charges  – We have authorised partners who deliver medicines to consumers, This works on standard revenue sharing model  Diagnostic tests – We have authorised partners who collect and test samples. This works on standard revenue sharing model 
  • Reach, Ray, Insta – SaaS revenue for software usage for Ray, Insta along with  subscription for Reach

What measures does Practo have in place for the protection of user data security and privacy?

Safety of your data is our top priority. We have multi-level security checks, multiple data backups, and stringent policies in place to ensure your data remains safe and secure. Additionally, we are an ISO 27001 certified company and we take data privacy and security very seriously. All data on Practo is secured with 256-bit encryption on HIPAA compliant servers. 

Does Practo have a verification process for doctors who sign up on the platform? 

Yes. All the doctors on the Practo platform are 100% genuine and their degrees have been verified. More about the verification process:

Doctors are asked to provide the following documents as a first step.

  • Government issued photo ID (Passport/Aadhaar/PAN Card)
  • Their MCI registration number
  • Copies of their medical degrees if these are not already updated in their MCI registration
  • In cases where online MCI directory does not exist, they will need to submit a copy of their license

Once the above mentioned documents are submitted, 

  1. Our team verifies the information against the medical council database
  2. The degrees will be matched against the Practo Bluebook – a set of guidelines that define what specialisations can be claimed by a doctor basis the set of degrees he or she has; this  rule book is created in consultation with senior doctors, regulatory bodies as well as national associations of various specialties – making it one of the most comprehensive degree-specialisation mapping in India. 
  3. For every degree a doctor submits, the bluebook will highlight a specialisation that degree qualifies him/her for, and that is shown on their Practo profile as well as ensures that they are shown in the relevant search results for that specialty.
  4. For degrees that are not part of the bluebook, they are shown on their profile but their specialisation shown will not take them into account and their profile will not show up in search results for any specialty where their degree is not matched with that specialization in the Bluebook.

Why do you display doctor photos? Isn’t this advertising?

No. We display doctor photos across all doctor profiles for patient protection. Their sole purpose is to help patients make sure that they are being attended to by the same doctor they booked. 

Isn’t Feedback “Advertising” that Prime doctors are using to promote themselves ?

Absolutely not. Feedback is simply a tool that helps build the initial trust between a patient and a provider. It is a factual narration by the patient capturing his/her experience with the doctor/clinic/hospital and is displayed on their Practo profile. 

Only verified patients can provide feedback. Each feedback is manually moderated by Practo to ensure compliance with our patient and provider guidelines. Feedback policies are uniformly applied to all providers on the platform irrespective of whether they are Prime subscribers or not. 

How many clinics and hospitals has Practo partnered with?

More than 76000 clinics and hospitals have chosen Practo as their digital healthcare partner.

How many doctors are a part of the Practo network?

More than 100000 doctors are a part of the Practo network.