The latest update of the Practo Pro app for Feb’21 is carrying several important updates to the way the consultation list is being accessed. This has been built based on the feedback from the provider network associated with Practo who offer online consultations on our platform. This new enhanced user interface will simplify the way the provider is able to organise their work list of online consultations.

The following are the different updates that are added to the latest version of the app:

Segregation of chats based on consultation type

Chats have now been bucketed based on the type of chat. The in progress consultations will appear in the main chat list, while the other type of chats will appear in the scroll bar at the top, associated with a count.

  1. In Progress – These are active in progress consultations, before the main session is marked as completed.
  2. Follow up – The follow up consultations are those which are in the 7 day free follow up window. Only those chats which are awaiting a response will show with a red numbered count, indicating an action is awaited. If there is no count against this card, then no action is pending
  3. Upcoming – Upcoming scheduled consultations appear here
  4. Completed- The consultations which have completed a 7 day follow up period will be moved to a completed state
  5. Cancelled- Any consultation which is cancelled will show up here
Chat are segregated into buckets and can be access by the scroll at the top
The count inside the cards indicates an actionable chat is present in that bucket. You may tap on the card to proceed to attend to the consultation awaiting a response

Enhanced Consultations List

The consultation list has been enhanced to provide greater visibility to the priority items to be responded to. This should help providers identify which consultations need their attention, so that no consultations get missed getting a response on time in the process.

  1. NEW – This tag shows up when the consultation has been newly assigned. This consultation is typically awaiting a first response from the provider. A first response is typically initiation of the video call, but providers may choose to initiate audio or a chat conversation first, before proceeding to do the video call.
  2. Unread count(yellow) – This shows the count of unread messages since the provider last opened the particular chat
  3. Unresponded Chats(red dot) – This type of chat was opened and read, but is awaiting a response from the provider to the last patient message or video call request
  4. Awaiting response since x mins – This tag shows up to indicate the time since when the patient is awaiting a response since the time of the last message sent by the patient
  5. Red side-bar – This is added to the side of the chat to indicate that a response is immediately expected on these chats as it may be at a risk of cancellation.
The tags against each chat list item should help identify which consultations have a pending action to be taken

Queued Consultations

While allocating new consultation, we may occasionally queue a next consultation, while we estimate that you are about to complete an ongoing consultation. These consultations typically have a start time for a few minutes later. The consultation is expected to be started only after your current consultation is completed. If you have completed your current consultation earlier than expected and there is still some time for the consultation start time as per the queue, you may still choose to get started with the consultation before time, based upon your convenience.

  1. Queue tag– This tag is to indicate that the consultation is queued. The ‘coming up in x mins’ marker will indicate how much time is left for the consultation to get started. When the start time is reached, the consultation will be moved to the ‘NEW’ bucket.
  2. Notification for queued – The notification for a queued consultation will be slightly different from a regular assigned consultation and will indicate that the consultation is in queue.

Note: Queued consultations will appear in the in-progress bucket and not in the upcoming bucket. The upcoming bucket is only for scheduled consultations.

Queued consultations will show in the in-progress section with a ‘Queued’ tag

Enhanced visibility to Follow ups

The follow up consultations are the consultations in the 7 day follow up period(once the main session is marked as completed by you)

The follow ups are being classified into two types: 

  1. Active follow ups – These are the consultations where a patient has sent a message in the follow up period. These may or may not be awaiting a response. If they are awaiting a response of any kind, they will show with a red numbered count on the main page, and with individual yellow count/red dot on the follow up chats page. 
  2. Inactive follow ups – where the patient has not initiated any communication in the follow up window of 7 days

It is advisable as a best practice to respond to the older follow ups before marking yourself available to receive the new consultations for the day.

Now only the Active follow ups will be shown and the inactive ones will be collapsed. You may still be able to access them by expanding the list

Marking a follow up as responded

Inside the follow up consultation, there are often scenarios where the patient may have sent a message which may not require response from your end. This may typically be a greeting or a thank you message. 

This shows up as an unresponded message on our system triggered notifications and calls, requesting a response, where one is not required.
It has come as a constant request from our provider network to provide a solution to mark such chats as responded, without having to type a response.

We are now introducing a button to ‘Mark as responded’. This button will show up whenever the patient has sent the last message and there is a response awaited from provider.

You may mark chats as responded, and they will move out of the unresponded bucket. You will get a confirmation on click(screen 2).

We leave the judicious use of the feature to the discretion of the providers based on the scenarios presented in front of them.

Download to the latest version of Practo Pro app to start receiving these updates and other bug fixes

The features should start going out as upgrades in February across all devices, in a phased manner.

It is advised to keep updated to the latest version of the Practo Pro app at all times.

These updates are possible because of the constant feedback from our provider network. Feel free to keep sharing the feedback about our app and services, so we can constantly improve them for a seamless experience with Practo.