In order to enhance the experience of our doctor partners, we have been introducing several features on the Practo Pro app. While we firmly believe these improvements will make their experience on Practo even better, this feature update has been a direct outcome of the valuable and constructive feedback from doctors in our network.

As requested by many, we are in the process of modifying our app’s prescription feature to not only build a more user-friendly interface but also make it more effective by adding several important sections and fields to it.

As part of this exercise, we made a key change that will enable users to get a single view of the prescription summary. This was not possible in the previous versions. Furthermore, with this update, doctors can not only add a medicine faster with a new scrollable interface, but also easily switch between chat and prescription options on the app.

In addition to these important updates, we are also adding new fields and sections to the prescription mode on the app. This includes two new fields under the ‘Personal Details’ section – height and weight – as well as an entirely new section for allergies, allowing doctors to search for allergies which the patient has shared. We have also made the provisional diagnosis searchable by adding a list of over 10k diagnosis to choose from.

Given that the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines mandate a video call for the first online consultation for doctors to be able to prescribe List A drugs to patients, the updated prescription feature will help keep this in check. This will help ensure 100% compliance to the guidelines for all consultations happening on Practo.

Lastly, patients will now get the prescription in a new format, designed to make the information more readable and easy to consume. We hope that with these new improvements, the experience of caregivers on the Practo Pro app will be much better.