Clinic owners can now grant restricted access to their consultants, receptionists and front-desk executives, based on their roles.

Please note: Staff access can be granted only from Practo Ray on the desktop.

Here’s how clinic owners and admins can grant app access to their staff.

  1. Clinic owners and admins can go to Settings > Practice Staff and grant app access

  2. Clinic staff receives an e-mail with the link to download the app on their phone. Alternatively, they can download the Practo Pro app directly and log in through their registered phone number/email ID. Any staff member with the required access will be able to log in automatically, according to their role.

Find below, the features of the Pro app that can be accessed based on the roles assigned:

*Consultants can only view/update their patients.


  • Staff access can be revoked anytime.
  • The staff member can be logged out remotely if needed.

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