You can review your SMS usage pattern and use your credits smartly

Change settings: Check all places where Transactional SMS are sent by default and change settings to send SMS only when required.

Keep it short: Try to complete your Promotional message in a single SMS i.e. 160 character. The 161st character gets counted as a second

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Target better: Create groups so that you send Promotional SMS to only relevant patients. Learn how to send SMS to Groups.

To know how many Credits you’ve used

The credit usage report will give you a breakup of the Free and Paid credits used in a particular month. To see your credit usage reports, on the menu, click on the Settings icon and select ‘My Account’
My Account

You’ll reach your subscription page. Right next to Credits you’ll see ‘Show Usage’
Show Credit Usage

Once you click on Show Usage you’ll see this report
Credits Usage Report