Credits are the measure with which we calculate the promotional SMSes sent & Practo Hello calls made. The unit is currency, which means in India it is INR, in Singapore is is SGD and in your local currency for your country of operation.

Example in INR
1 SMS costs 30 paise.
1 minute of a call costs Re 1.
100 credits means you have currency worth INR 100.

Credits are used for both SMS and calls via Practo Hello. (Note: Practo Hello has now been discontinued.)

Understanding free & paid credits

FREE Credits

  • Every pricing plan comes with a set of free credits per month, to be used for promotional SMS messages.
  • Depending on the Pricing Plan, Free credits are added on the 1st of every month
  • Free Credits expire on the last date of the month

PAID Credits

  • If your practice exhausts Free credits and needs to send more promotional SMS, you can purchase additional Credits any time
  • Balance Paid credits get carried forward every month
  • Paid credits expire only when your subscription expires
  • Paid credits get deducted only after you exhaust your monthly FREE credit
  • You can always keep some paid credits as backup so that you never run out

In case you run out of Credits

  • You will not be able to use the SMS Centre to send promotional messages
  • These SMS will resume functioning as soon as your credits are replenished
  • You can easily recharge credits from your account

How Credits are deducted

  • For every SMS that goes out, credits get reduced by Re. 0.30.
  • Every call has a pulse rate of 1 minute. For every minute credits are reduced by Re. 1.

Example: The minimum time charged for any call is 1 minute. So if the call was 30 seconds or 1 second, any call less than 1 minute duration will be considered as a 1 minute call. That means a call of 1 minute 15 seconds will be considered as a 2 minute call. And your credits will reduce by Rs. 2.

Credits cannot be redeemed or refunded.
If there is any credit balance after the expiry of the subscription the credits (Paid or free) will automatically expire.

To know how many Credits you’ve used

The credit usage report will give you a breakup of the Free and Paid credits used in a particular month. To see your credit usage reports, on the menu, click on the Settings icon and select ‘My Account’
My Account

You’ll reach your subscription page. Right next to Credits you’ll see ‘Show Usage’
Show Credit Usage

Once you click on Show Usage you’ll see this report
Credits Usage Report