This feature is part of Practo Ray Pro.

Step 1:  To create a SMS Campaign to your customers, you need to first create an offer.  You can create an offer from the Settings Menu. Click on the settings icon in the top right corner, and click on Settings.

Step 2. On the Navigation Menu on the left, click on Offers.


Step 3: Click on the New Offer Button create a new offer. You’ll see this screen.  Here, you can type in the Offer Code for a specific offer. In the description field, you can type in the offer details – how much discount you are going to offer, and who the offer applies to.

In the discount field, you can type in the percentage, or the amount of discount you want to offer. Once that’s done, click on Save to save the offer. You’ll then see the list of your saved offers. You can add more offers by clicking on the Add Offer button on the top right corner.


Step 4: Once you have created an offer, you can set up an SMS campaign to let your customers know about it. Go to Communications from the Top Navigation, and click on campaign. Here you can add your first campaign by clicking on the New Campaign.


Step 5: You can choose the offers you’ve already created, from the drop down on the left. Once you’ve selected the offer to publicise, click on the Create button.


Step 6: Once you do that, follow the 3 simple steps on the screen to choose the offer, customer group and message text.


You’ll then see this screen, where all your campaigns are listed out.  You can even choose to resend these messages again at a later date.



In case you’re wondering:

What is the difference between a Campaign and an Offer?

An Offer is discount that you choose to offer on your services. A Campaign is a communication module that informs your customers of your Offer.