1. How does an online consultation work?
    We help you connect to a doctor in just 60 seconds. All you have to do is tell us your symptoms or health problems, choose the speciality, make a payment. Once payment is made, we alert our panel of verified, high-quality doctors and allocate a doctor to your consultation. In 60 seconds, you can start talking to a doctor. Once your consultation is completed, you can even follow up with the doctor for free for a period of 7 days, if required.
  2. Will online doctors be able to solve my medical issue?
    Our doctors will give you qualified medical advice on your health issues and help you identify the next steps, which may include further tests, a prescription, or lifestyle tips. We have built features like image sharing, voice calling and video call (only on the app) to ensure that doctors get all the required information for a diagnosis. On the off chance that our doctors can’t form a conclusive diagnosis without a physical examination, they will cancel the consultation & refund your money. 93% of patients who initiate an online consultation find it useful.
  3. Are your doctors qualified?
    We have a thorough verification process for every doctor on Practo. Any doctor that you consult with is a verified medical practitioner with all their qualifications documents manually and electronically verified by our team. We also take feedback from patients to ensure that doctors maintain high standards on online consultation.
  4. Is online medical consultation with doctor private on Practo?
    Every consultation on Practo is completely private & confidential. We take your privacy very seriously, and we are compliant with industry standards to ensure your consultations are secured with 256-bit encryption.
  5. Do you have a  refund policy?
    We have a refund policy. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your online consultation, simply reach out to us on support, and we’ll refund your money after checking with the doctor.
  6. Can I do a free consultation with a doctor online?
    We have the free questions service available on our app. Please download our app, and log in to ask a free health question to doctors. Doctors usually respond within 24 to 48 hours of you posting your query.
  7. Are online consultations legal?
    As per the telemedicine guidelines published on 25th March 2020 by the MCI in partnership with the NITI Aayog, online consultations(delivery of healthcare over a digital medium) with a doctor are deemed perfectly legal. Patients and doctors can interact with each other digitally over various media. Practo offers a secure and encrypted platform for patients to connect with doctors online. It allows patients and doctors to interact at their own convenience. Online consultations are not recommended for emergency cases.
  8. Are the audio/video calls done during a consultation recorded?
    As per regulatory requirements, all audio and video calls done during an online consultation with the doctor, will be recorded and stored in a secure manner. The audio calls will be shared with you at the end of the consultation which you can access inside the Practo app. The video calls are recorded, but will not be shared with you or the doctor. They will only be shared with a competent authority upon explicit request, in case of a medico-legal requirement. They may be reviewed for quality assurance by an in house medical expert at Practo.