1. How do I get started on Consult?
    Just download the free Practo Pro app from the AppStore/PlayStore and click on Consult after signing up. If your profile is incomplete, you will be prompted to complete the same.
  2. I have completed my profile, but it still says profile verification pending.
    We’re assuming that you’ve completed both the sections of your profile — your details as well as the clinic’s. Generally verifications are done within 24 hours. If yours has been pending for long than that then please reach out to us on +91-88802-09020. We will check everything and come back to you within 30 minutes.
  3. My profile is verified, and I’m getting questions from patients. Will I get paid for these?
    Once your profile is verified, you will be able to answer free questions submitted by patients. These patients have an option to pay and continue chatting with you, if you respond to their free questions. So, while there is a potential for the doctor to monetise, there is no direct payment for answering free questions.
  4. How can I enter my bank details?
    Click on the ‘Home’ tab in Consult, and you will see an option to enter your bank details. Click on the card. This will take you to a page where you can enter your bank details. All fields on the bank details page are mandatory, so we request you keep a chequebook handy. Once your bank details are saved, we will run a bank verification. Please note that we only confirm if the said bank account exists, and not if it belongs to you. We request you to make sure you’re entering the correct bank details. The verification is complete within 24 hours. You are now ready to receive online consultations.
  5. What all features are available to me to consult online?
    We understand if you’re a bit apprehensive about how to convey warm, caring bedside manner, without seeing the patient in person. Don’t worry, we have a few features that’ll help you make the patient feel at ease, and help you consult online effortlessly.

    1. Calling the patient: Hearing your voice will make the patient feel at ease, and you will be able to converse easily to elicit the patient’s history without typing a single word. Your number will not be shared with the patient, and neither will you be billed for the call. We’ve taken care of everything else, so you can focus on taking care of the patient.
    2. Sharing images: The patient can share images with you in the chat, so you can take a closer look, and diagnose more accurately.
    3. Prescriptions: With digital signatures, and a massive directory of drugs, generating an online prescription is easier than ever.
    4. Quick questions: Repeating the same questions feels cumbersome? We’ve made it easy with this feature. We have preset 4 questions doctors commonly ask, so just select one and send it to the patient.
  6. Are there any rules/guidelines I need to adhere to, when consulting online?
    Just like you have an amazing bedside manner with your in-clinic patients, your online patients would really appreciate a warm web-side manner. In addition to treating your patients with the same care and warmth that you extend to your in-clinic patients, there are a few things that are always good to remember:

    1. Don’t type in all capital: In SMS lingo, this is often understood as shouting, which we know you’d never do.
    2. Over explain: A lot can be misunderstood when chatting. Over explain to make sure the patient is on the same page and has understood correctly. Else you could just call and do the same. There is no limit to the number of times you can call the patient.
    3. Explain the prescription: This is an important one. While our prescription module has details like dosage, before/after meals etc., do take the time to walk the patient through the prescription. Patients really appreciate you taking the time.
      In addition to these, all MCI/DCI/AYUSH council laws apply, as applicable.
  7. I’m done with the consultation. When will I receive my fees?
    Firstly, congratulations! How was your experience? We hope everything went well! Your fees will be sent to the provided bank account on the Monday after your consultation. You should receive the money in a few days, as processing sometimes takes upto 2 days. You will also receive a settlement report on your registered email address with particulars of the payment, so you can keep track of payments easily.
  8. I am unable to diagnose the patient online. What should I do?
    We understand not all conditions can be diagnosed online, and sometimes you just need to see the patient in person. If the patient is nearby, you can schedule an appointment for them. Doctors usually do not charge extra for this, as the patient has already paid them online. If the patient is unable to visit you, you can cancel the consultation, and refund the amount back to the patient.
  9. I got a consultation request. What was that?
    When patients want an immediate consultation, they’re not sure which doctor to approach as the doctor might not be available to pick up the consultation at that moment. In such cases, patients want Practo to put them in touch with an available doctor. We call these ‘instant’ consultations. If you get a consultation request for such a consultation, only accept if you are free to respond immediately, and have a minimum of 30 minutes to complete the consultation. Since the user pays before the doctor is found, all such consultations have fixed consultation fees across the entire speciality.
  10. What promises does Practo make to the patient regarding an online consultation. What is expected from me?
    For all instant consultations, we guarantee a sub-5 minute first response to the patient, and offer a money back guarantee for the same. We enforce this on the doctors who accept consultations, since each doctor is provided with a choice of whether to accept or not.
  11. Does Practo record the audio/video call done during the consultation?
    As per regulatory requirements, all audio and video calls done during an online consultation will be recorded and stored in a secure manner. The audio calls will be shared with the patient at the end of the consultation. The video calls are recorded, but will not be shared with you or the patient. They will only be shared with a competent authority upon explicit request, in case of a medico-legal requirement. They may be reviewed for quality assurance by an in house medical expert at Practo.