Monthly payment for Prime with zero extra charges!

What is the e-mandate option?

E-mandate, lets you pay for Prime in easy monthly instalments instead of the one-time lump-sum payment for the entire duration. 

Benefits you get – 

  • Say goodbye to hefty down payments
  • Pay ₹0 interest on instalments
  • No extra processing charges
  • Extend Prime subscription with easy instalments

How to activate this option?

e-Mandate can be activated with both Savings (Debit/Credit Card) or Current Account in 3 simple steps:

  1. Authorize Practo to debit the amount from the account basis wallet consumption by signing e-Mandate Agreement & NACH
  2. Get an email intimation 3 days before the amount gets deducted to be absolutely sure about the transaction
  3. Post successful payment, the amount gets added to the Prime wallet and the invoice gets updated in the login

Documents Required:

Savings Account – e-Mandate Agreement 

Current Account – e-Mandate Agreement + Physical/Paper NACH. 

There will be an SMS/Email communication sent to the establishment on the 5th/15th/25th (depending on the activation of e-Mandate) of every month with the deduction details. We request you to kindly keep the bank account credited with the said amount before the deduction date. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Will there be any additional charges (convenience, interest, etc)?

No. The amount deducted will only be the technology fee for every time a patient uses our technology to connect with your establishment.

2. What happens if the wallet gets exhausted before the payment deduction date?

To avoid such an occurrence, we ask for upfront payment for a period of 1.5 months, basis system algorithm and historic performance. However, in case your wallet still expires before the due date, your Prime subscription expires and Prime benefits for your establishment get disabled. You may choose an advance deduction date for that particular month or opt for a small top-up amount.

3. Why do you still take an upfront amount if I am opting for the monthly payment?

e-Mandate is a monthly payment option and NOT a postpaid subscription. Hence, we ask for 1.5 months upfront payment to avoid early exhaustion of the wallet so that you can enjoy uninterrupted services.

4. What happens to my balance amount if I want to end the subscription?

In such cases, we discontinue Prime subscription in mutual agreement and the e-mandate agreement becomes null and void. No penalty is applicable in such a situation.