1. What is Practo Prime?
    Practo Prime is the best visit experience you can get when you need to visit the doctor of your choice. It assures you;
    1. 15 minute wait time: Prime clinics/hospitals commit to wait times as low as 15 minutes. Many patients experience even lower!
    2. 24×7 instant booking: You can search and select the doctor after reading verified information and patient feedback. Book instantly any time of day or night by selecting the time slot that works for you.
    3. Assured consult with the doctor you booked: You will meet the doctor you booked. Not just his staff, or a substitute. The exact doctor you booked. Period.
    4. No extra charge: Pay the same fee as other patients. There is no extra or additional charge for getting this fantastic experience.
    5. 500 rupees Practo Guarantee: We put money where our mouth is. If any of the Prime experiences assured are not delivered, Practo takes the responsibility and will refund you your consultation fee up to 500 rupees.
    6. It’s Free!: Did we mention it’s absolutely free for you? Practo does not levy any charges for patients to book and get this exceptional visit experience Prime delivers. It is absolutely free for you.You still need to pay the consultation fee to the doctor though.
  2. How does Prime booking work?
    Practo Prime provides you exceptional visit experience in just 5 simple steps.
    1. Look for Practo Prime badge on doctor profiles while booking an appointment.
    2. See the available slots with the doctor of your choice, and book an instant online appointment.
    3. Get directions to the verified location of your clinic or hospital by visiting the ‘My appointments’ section.
    4. Meet the doctor you have booked and not any other doctor available.
    5. You can also follow up via chat or voice/video call after your consultation.
  3. How much does it cost? Why is it free? How does Practo make money?
    Booking a Prime appointment is completely free for the patient. We do however charge the clinic/hospital a one time technology fee per patient the first time you book your appointment with that clinic/hospital. There is no charge for repeat appointments.
  4. If to be on Prime clinics need to pay you, how do I know this doctor is good for me?
    Irrespective of Prime, we assure quality across our platform in the following ways;
    1. Medical License Verification: We verify and validate the medical registration of every doctor to make sure there are no quacks.
    2. Degree Validation: We ensure they have the right degrees for their specialisations.
    3. Genuine Feedback: We provide genuine feedback from verified patients.
    All of this is already done across every profile (Prime or not) on our platform to ensure you have the right information to choose the doctor you want. To be extremely clear, our quality parameters are applied uniformly to Prime and Non-Prime establishments and their doctors to ensure you get the right information about them to make a decision. Prime is an important convenience feature added on top that some clinics and hospitals choose to provide to their patients. It has no bearing on any of the quality requirements and trust signals on the platform. Our Prime customers include very large high-quality establishments such as Fortis, Manipal, Apollo along with scores of high-quality clinics as well to provide high quality and high convenience to patients.
  5. When I go to a doctor’s profile, there are multiple clinics mentioned why do I see Prime against some clinics and not on others mentioned on the doctor profile?
    Offering the Prime experience is decided by the clinic or hospital, not individual doctors. Since a doctor may be visiting at multiple clinics/hospitals we clearly highlight on the doctor profile – which of the clinics/hospitals he visits are willing to provide the superior Prime experience so you can make an informed decision.
  6. If you charge the doctor for each booking, then doesn’t it make it more expensive for me? The doctor will raise prices to recover the cost right?
    It is important to clarify that we charge the clinic or the hospital and not an independent doctor.
    – Clinics/hospitals that offer high convenience to patients typically have happy patients who remain loyal for their next need and also share their positive experience offline and online with other patients.
    This helps the clinic/hospital serve more patients. For example, clinics invest in comfortable reception areas, modern equipment, to serve their patients better. Similarly, they invest in our technology products to serve their patients better. So there is no need to raise prices as we help the clinic/hospital itself grow and in fact, our technology makes the running of the clinic far more efficient, which saves cost.
    – We believe enabling clinics and hospitals to make patient’s healthcare experience more convenient and effective (through 24X7 booking, lowering wait times, and remote follow-ups to clarify doubts), thus creating this loop of positivity is the right thing for the clinics and hospitals as well as the patients.
    – Finally, by providing technology that enables online follow up post the appointment, we help doctors maintain continuity of care much after the clinic visit which helps improve the standard of patient care.
  7. I was told at the clinic that I had to pay a higher fee than other patients since I booked on Practo. Why should I book on Practo?
    We have zero-tolerance for this. This is prohibited as part of the Prime policy. In the rare case that this happens, please report this to us on customerfirst@practo.comand we will take immediate action.
  8. What if I want to book a non-prime doctor? What assurance do you provide?
    Irrespective of Prime, we assure quality across our platform in the following ways;
    1. Medical License Verification: We verify and validate the medical registration of every doctor to make sure there are no quacks.
    2. Degree Validation: We ensure they have the right degrees for their specialisations.
    3. Genuine Feedback: We provide genuine feedback from verified patients.
    If you book a non-prime doctor you will not get the following benefits of Prime;
    1. No instant booking.
    2. No low wait time assurance.
    3. No assurance that you will meet the doctor you booked. Often, due to high loads clinics provide substitutes.
  9. My doctor asked me to not book on Practo because you charge him every time. Why do you do this? Why should I book on Practo again and not just go directly?
    This is incorrect.
    – We only charge clinics and hospitals, not individual doctors.
    – We charge a one-time flat fee – repeat appointments are not charged.
  10. How can I report an issue?
    You can report your issues at prime@practo.com
  11. How can I give feedback for a doctor?
    You just need to go to the profile of the doctor you consulted with and click on ‘Give Feedback’. This will redirect you to a form, which you can fill and submit. You can refer to our feedback guidelines.
  12. Why was my feedback on the doctor not published?
    Please make sure that your feedback is compliant with our guidelines.
  13. Do I have to buy Prime or pay extra for Prime benefits?
    You don’t have to pay anything extra to avail Prime’s exceptional benefits.
  14. Do I need to pay a higher consultation fee for a Prime experience?
    You pay the same consultation fee as walk-in patients.
  15. What if I am asked to pay extra for Prime experience?
    You can report the issue at prime@practo.com, and we will take appropriate action against the establishment.
  16. What are the benefits I get with a Prime booking?
    It provides wait times as low as 15mins, 24*7 instant online booking, assured consult with the doctor you booked and free online follow-ups (chat/video/call). You won’t get these benefits in a non-Prime booking.
  17. What if I don’t get the assured benefits?
    Of course, you will. In the rare case that you don’t, you are entitled to a Rs 500 gift voucher from Practo.
  18. Is my data safe with Practo?
    Yes. We encrypt all data with 256-bit encryption (many banks use just 128 bit), we use HIPAA compliant data centers and are one of the few healthcare companies to be ISO 27001 certified.
  19. Are sponsored doctors listed on Prime?
    Search results are based on an ideal match of qualifications and past patient stories, proximity, availability, the consultation fee and more.