1. Select ‘Integrations’ from the list of options on the left side of the screen.

2. Select “Drive” under “PRACTO.COM”. This will open settings for “Record Share via Practo Drive” for the selected practice.

3. Select the types of electronic medical records you want to share with your patients. The grey checkbox appears when sharing has been turned ‘ON’.

Recommendation: Turn on sharing of all types of records to provide a great experience to your patients.

4. The record types for which sharing has been turned on, will reflect during the charting for all patients. For eg: If you have turned on sharing for prescriptions, you’ll be able to see the sharing status next to a prescription when you create it.

For v6 and v6.9:

For v7:

The prescription will be automatically shared with that patient as soon as it is saved.

5. A patient’s mobile number is required to share the record with that patient. In case the patient’s mobile number is missing, an alert is shown to enter the mobile number.

For v6 and v6.9:

Click on the alert to enter the mobile number of the patient:

For v7:

Click on “Add mobile number” to patient’s mobile number and save.

Once mobile number is added, the medical record can be shared with patient.