With a rising number of patients looking for a completely contactless healthcare experience amid the pandemic, we believe that you have the opportunity to further improve your practice. This is because by transitioning to a contactless experience, you will not only increase patient satisfaction, but also boost your efficiency, automate time-consuming tasks and streamline your practice – all while reducing the risk of exposure to infections.  

Keeping this in mind, we hope that being able to share digital records with patients becomes a great addition to the portfolio of services we offer. Here, while record-sharing for Billing and EMR is ON by default, the same for your clinical notes need to be manually activated.  This means that you have to activate – or turn on – the record-sharing feature on your app to automatically send your clinical notes to a patient’s phone number. 

This feature has been enabled for practices in India only. With this, you can share the following with your patients to make their experience more contactless:-

  • Prescriptions
  • Invoices
  • Payments

How to activate this feature 

1. Select ‘Integrations’ from the list of options on the left side of the screen.

2. On choosing ‘Drive’,  settings for ‘Record Share via Practo Drive’ will open for the selected practice.

3. Select the types of electronic medical records you want to share with your patients. The grey checkbox appears when sharing has been turned ‘ON’.

Suggestion: Turn on sharing of all types of records to provide a great experience to your patients.

4. Once activated, the record types for which sharing has been enabled will reflect on individual patient tabs. For instance, if you have turned on the sharing settings for prescriptions, you will be able to see the sharing status next to a prescription when you create it.

For v6 and v6.9:

For v7:

This prescription will automatically be shared with the patient as soon as it is saved.

5. To share the record with the patient, you need to add the patient’s mobile number, as indicated. In case this field is empty, an alert is displayed to enter the mobile number.

For v6 and v6.9:

Click on the alert box to enter the mobile number of the patient:

For v7:

Click on ‘Add mobile number’ to enter the patient’s information and then save it.

Once the mobile number is added, the medical record can be shared with the patient.


Is it secure to share records using this feature?

Continuing with Practo’s industry-leading safety and security protocols, Practo Health Records is a highly secure platform that facilitates sharing of records between doctors and patients. These records will be accessed only by the owner of the phone number verified by you on Ray.

How will my patient know about the record that is shared?

Practo will inform your patient on your behalf about the record through SMS/Email. This communication will carry a link through which your patient will be able to download the app and view his records.

Will I be charged for this communication?

Practo Health Records is a free service. You will not be charged for sending this communication to your patients.

Will the old records be shared as well?

No, old records will not be shared with patients. Only the records that are added after the integration with Practo Health Records will be shared. Note that the Share with Patient box needs to be activated for this to happen.

Are clinical notes shared with prescription?

Clinical notes will be shared only if the Share check box for clinical notes is turned on. For example, if you have turned on share settings for prescription and not for clinical notes, then only prescription will be shared with your patients.

Do I need to provide the email ID of the patient as well?

No. Only a verified phone number is required to enable sharing through Practo Health Records.