What is Book Standards Dashboard ?

The Book Standards Dashboard is a dashboard provided to doctors and practice owners. The dashboard shows how the clinic and doctor are performing in terms of compliance to Book Standards Policy. It is one place to see all verified non-compliance cases for each doctor in the practice and for all practices of an individual doctor, to maintain complete transparency on all such verified cases (appointments where patient was unable to meet the doctor as per the Book Standards Policy ).

How to use Book Standards Dashboard ?

1. On every case of verified non-compliance cases  which will be accounted for temporary Book deactivation, a SMS and email will be sent containing link to “View Book Standards Dashboard”. You will be able to view the Book Standards dashboard either via the email or by directly logging in to your Practo Profile on the web. Below is the template of the email doctor and practices will receive –

Note: Practo will send an email and SMS for other verified non-compliance cases as well, however there will be a clear mention that these cases won’t be considered for Book deactivation, as we understand that some misses are possible due to the complex nature of medical profession.

2. The Summary section shows if the practice or doctor has any cases of non-compliance or there are no such cases, and hence all your patients are always able to meet you and get a great experience. Below is how the summary section on top of the dashboard, gives an overall picture of how the practice is doing with respect to Book Standards –

Below is how the summary section on top of the dashboard shows for a doctor in visiting clinics and gives an overall picture of how the practice is doing with respect to Book Standards –

3. For practices that a doctor/admin owns, there is a list of doctors who have Book facility on their Practo Profile on the dashboard. Next to every doctor, it shows the number of non-compliance cases verified and the number of cases left in the current quarter for temporary Book deactivation. Below is how you will see the list of all doctors in the practice –

Note : If any doctor in the practice has non-compliance cases, he/she will be on top of the list as shown above and clicking on the row will show the details of the appointment for which the patient was unable to meet the doctor. The reason shown here, is the reason gathered by Practo after speaking to both patient and doctor/practice.

4. Whenever a doctor has any non-compliance cases (appointments where patient was unable to meet the doctor as per Book Standards Policy), clicking on the row will give details of the all such cases. Below are the details that would be available on the dashboard – 

Note : Click on Back to Clinic List / Back to Doctor List, to go back.

How to switch to other practices or visiting clinics ?

1. To switch and see how the other clinics are performing in terms of Book Standards, you can use the top dropdown to select other clinics.

2. The visiting clinic names are shown in dropdown, but only “Visiting Clinic” can be clicked and you will be able to see how you are performing in all of the visiting practices together

How to reactivate Book in case of temporary deactivation?

The first time a doctor is deactivated in a quarter, it can be immediately reactivated after taking a training video which helps doctors and practices learn about cancelling / rescheduling appointments and blocking the Practo calendar in case of leaves or emergencies. The owner or receptionist of the practice can reactivate Book for any of it’s doctors. Below are the steps to reactivate Book facility –

Note : In case you are a consultant doctor in a visiting clinic, please contact your owner after taking the training video to reactivate Book facility. Below is what you will see if Book is temporarily deactivated –

We hope you were able to understand the purpose of Book Standards dashboard and how to use it. In case of any doubts please write to us at support@practo.com.