Practo Instant is the Appointment Booking System which allows patients to view real-time availability and book instant appointments with doctors & practices, using Practo’s website and smartphone apps. Practo Instant was previously known as ABS.

Using Practo Instant, appointments booked by patients through Practo are automatically added to the Practo Ray scheduler, since Practo Instant is pre-integrated with Practo Ray. Moreover, Practo sends automated notifications to patients and to the doctor with whom the appointment is booked, making the process entirely seamless and automatic.

How does Instant Appointment Booking work?

1. Lets take a real-life example of a search on Patients see a list of doctors, with an ‘Instant – Book Appointment’ option.

search - web

On the smartphone app, Patients see doctors and practices that have activated Practo Instant as having a ‘Book’ option, as opposed to a ‘call’ option if Practo Instant is not activated.

Screenshot - search cards


2. Clicking that option, patient can see the doctor’s available time slots. The ones already booked are greyed out. The Patient then selects an available appointment slot.

search - slots


3. Patient now fills in all appointment details, which are passed on to the practice’s calendar.

search - appointment


4. Both the Patient and the doctor receive confirmation SMS & emails.


5. The Appointment instantly shows up on the Practice’s Practo Ray Calendar

Screenshot - Ray appointment booked


6. If you want to edit or change the appointment, you can do it from the calendar itself, and both the patient and the doctor will receive a notification regarding the change.

Screenshot - Ray appointment edit

That’s how easy it is to get appointments from Practo if you enable Practo Instant.

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