Why are you listing Doctors, if it is a walk in clinic/hospital?

We aim to be the one place where patients can find the right doctor. This is our primary goal and as the second step we help in making your visit happen with ease. If the doctor/clinic/hospital only has a walk-in facility, we help patients by providing the address and phone number.

If we book an appointment through you (practo.com), do I stand a better chance of getting an appointment?

We have no special tie-ups, relationship or consideration with doctors in this regard as we want to be an independent unbiased site for patients. Through Practo, your chances of booking an appointment are the same as using any other means.

I booked an appointment through you with a doctor. Why was I made to wait in the clinic then?

This depends entirely on the Doctor/Clinic/Hospital – there are some establishments that run on strict schedules, while others use the appointment system to ensure a patient’s name is registered in their database, but the actual time of seeing doctor depends on what happens on that day. This is something Practo has no control over – this would have happened even if you had booked an appointment in any other way.

Why is Practo providing a free service?

Practo believes that the best model to help patients find the right doctors, clinics & hospitals is if the platform is completely unbiased. Practo prides itself on being an independent player and earns revenue from the products we make for doctors.

Do I have to show the Practo Appointment ID when visiting a clinic/hospital for my appointment?

It is not mandatory to have your appointment ID when you visit an establishment (since we do not have any tie-up or special consideration with any establishments). But it always helps to have your appointment confirmation SMS or email (which contain the appointment ID) handy while contacting Practo Support. These are proof of confirmation which helps us assist you faster in case of any queries or issues.

Some details the doctors/clinics/hospitals that you have listed are wrong. What do I do about it?

Please visit the doctor/clinic/hospital’s profile page on Practo.com and click on ‘Report an Error’ at the bottom.

Report an error

We will immediately look into the matter and correct it. Your help & assistance makes us better, stronger and more relevant to other users like you.

Some doctors/clinics/hospitals in my area are not listed on Practo.com? What do I do about it?

Please request your doctor/clinic/hospital to visit www.practo.com and get listed – it’s completely free! We will be extremely grateful to you for helping us, as will countless other patients!