Is the profile listing free? Are there any other conditions for listing?

Listing of your profile is completely free. We do not charge for listing the profile or for subsequently booking appointments with you.

The basic conditions for listing are:

  • That you agree with the terms and conditions of use as specified by
  • That you keep your information relevant with regard to
  • Contact number for booking appointments
  • Address
  • Timings and availability
  • Services
  • Consultation fees

You honor the appointments that you confirm through our booking process and intimate us if there is a cancellation required due to unforeseen circumstances.

You adequately inform your staff and clinic who will handle patients about appointments and how to handle them.

I practice in multiple clinics. How do I include and show them all?

  • By default your account allows you to add only one clinic on your Profile.
  • If you need another clinic to be added please get in touch with the support team either on email or Phone with details of the clinic and we will be able to add it after verification.
  • Once an additional clinic is added you can always edit it. The changes made will reflect on the profile within 24 hrs subject to verification

How do I get notified about an appointment from which my staff has confirmed?

Each time an appointment is requested we call the number specified by you and confirm if the appointment is available. Patients’ appointments are confirmed only after this check has been made. Every time we confirm or cancel an appointment an SMS is sent to the Patient, Doctor and Clinic staff

We are interested in the Practo ray software. How are we supposed to enroll?

You can drop us a line at with your phone number and address. We will ask our Sales team to get in touch with you.

Why is Practo providing a free service? believes that the best model in helping patients find the right Doctors is if we are completely unbiased to the Doctor. However we do make money on advertisements. You will notice that a few banners of featured clinics / packages are clearly marked out and shown in the search pages. These are paid advertisements and are very similar to Google search results. We show ads but our search results are completely unbiased.

I am interested in advertising my Clinic on Practo. What next?

Great! Thanks for choosing us to promote your Clinic. You can just fill out this form

What is the procedure for getting listed on

Please click here to know the steps of how you can be listed on Practo

I never asked to be listed but I am still listed on without any prior notification. Why?

We at have field and data teams that search for and find out the top doctors in any locality and gather information on them so that they can be listed on our website. In all cases we

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call or visit the Clinic / Doctor and verify the details thus collected. In your particular case we would have spoken to a staff member at your clinic.
In case you don’t want to be listed – Please do drop us a line at and we will have one of our senior team members speak to you and explain. If you still want to go ahead and delist – please let the team member know when they speak to you and we will delist you immediately.