About Practo Search

Practo Search is a patient focused, unbiased, independent medical website with over 100,000 doctor profiles from across India and Singapore. Patients can book confirmed appointments with doctors listed on Practo’s website. This is a free service for both the patient and the doctor. We had booked over 28,000 appointments for the month of June 2014.

Practo Search is NOT

NOT a medical advisory site

  • We do not suggest, endorse or comment on any medical procedures, conditions or treatments of any kind.
  • We do not promote, endorse or suggest any Doctor, Hospital or clinic as best or better suited for any specific condition or case.
  • Patients are to use their own judgment / volition to assess, choose and connect to Doctors/Clinics /hospitals listed on Practo.com.

We do NOT provide any emergency medical assistance

  • We are not to be referred to for assistance in emergency medical conditions.

We are NOT an extension of the Clinic, Hospital or Doctor

  • We are an independent website focused on helping patients. We do not have any commercial relationship with Doctors / Clinics / Hospitals for regular listings.
  • Information about a Doctor / Clinic/ Hospital is indicative as we do not undertake any responsibility for any inaccuracy/misrepresentation of Information. However, we make reasonable efforts to keep the information updated from time to time.
  • We do not undertake any responsibility for any medical eventuality that might occur subsequent to using services of a Doctor / Clinic / Hospital whose appointment has been booked through Practo.com.

We are NOT an assured appointment site

  • We do not assure a confirmed appointment for every request on our site.
  • Confirmation is subject to clinic / doctor / hospital availability and consent.
  • We do try our best to ensure that the appointment is confirmed at the earliest.