The Calendar is the default view of your Ray account. Most tasks required for the clinic can be completed from the Calendar directly. This includes creating and rescheduling appointments, entering basic patient information, checking the number of appointments for the day, checking in patients, tracking patient queue, adding bills etc.

1. This is the overview of the Calendar:


2. On the left side of the screen the names of all the doctors of the practice are listed. The number next to each doctor’s name indicates the number of appointments that the doctor has on the Calendar.

Every doctor has a different colour ascribed to them, making it easier to distinguish between patients in the main view.


3. When you click on any doctor’s name, the Calendar will show you a filtered schedule with only that particular doctor’s appointments.

You can see the number of appointments scheduled for the doctor for that day and check the patient queue.


4. Filter the clinic’s appointments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis by clicking on the respective tab here:


5. You can also jump to any appointment in the past or future by going directly to this view:


6. Check the status of your patient queue here:


7. Your appointments for the day will be visible as a list beneath your patient queue. Check in patients upon arrival, Engage them, and Check out after the patient is done with the consultation. All three can be done with the same drop-down button next to each patient’s name.


8. If a patient walks in without an appointment, you can add them also to the Calendar with the ‘add walk in appointment’ option.


9. You can also print the schedule from the top right corner of the Calendar. When you click the ‘Print’ icon, a pop-up window open where you can customise your print page. Choose which date(s), which doctor(s), and other details.