1. The list of appointments for the day will be scheduled on the right side of your screen according the timings.


2. Using the drop-down menu option next to each patient’s name you can determine their position in the patient queue.


Check in: When a patient arrives at the clinic, check them in. once you check in a patient, their waiting time calculation begins till you ‘Engage’ them.

Engage: When the doctor is ready for the patient and they have entered the examination room you can click the ‘Engage’ button. From this point, the amount of time spent for his consultation begins to be calculated will you hit the ‘Check out’ button.

Check out: When the patient is done with consultation click the ‘Check out’ button and understand the time spent in consultation by each patient.

Each time you click on any of these three buttons it will be reflected in the colour-coded schedule overview bar on top of the patient queue.

3. This makes it easy for you to understand how many patients waiting, engaged, and have checked out that day.


4. If you click on a particular doctor’s name on the left, you can get the schedule overview and patient queue for that doctor alone.


5. It is also possible for you to easily add a bill against any patient’s appointment by selecting the ‘Add Bill’ option from the hovercard that appears when you hover over a patient’s name from the appointment list.