This feature is now a part of Practo Ray Pro plan.

You can see how to invoice a product by looking at this video. You can also read about it below.

Step 1: Go to Billing > Invoices > Add Invoice

On the right, you’ll see two new tabs – Prescriptions, and Inventory. You can bill your products from here.

Step 2:  Click on Prescriptions tab.


Prescriptions tab displays all the Prescriptions of the selected Patient or Client with the most recent prescription showing on top. Each Prescription appearing here shows Drug Name, prescribed quantity below the drug name (in case of Tablets and Capsules), and each drugs current available stock level. The labels ‘No Stock’ and ‘Not Sold’ appear for drugs that have zero stock level or not kept in Inventory.

Step 3: Click on a prescription to add all prescription drugs to Invoice


Selected prescription’s drugs appear on the left side as separate lines in the Invoice. In the example shown below, drugs are added below the already added Procedure.

Step 4: Click on Inventory tab to Invoice Products from Inventory.


Inventory Tab displays Product Name, its current available stock level, and the retail price of each product. You can then select individual products that you want to invoice.

Step 5 – Enter required details such as Batch Number, Prescribing Doctor, number of units being sold, unit cost, and discounts & taxes if required.

Batch Number is auto-populated for products that have only one batch number in Inventory. Batch Number option does not appear for products that have no batch number specified for current stocks.

Prescribing Doctor/Therapist is auto-populated when the product is added from Prescription. Adding a Doctor/Therapist is not mandatory.

Number of units being sold should be a valid number. Fractions are not supported.

Step 6 – Save the Invoice.

As soon as the Invoice is saved, the stock level of products added in Inventory gets reduced by the number of units sold .

Please Note – The Product once added to Invoice cannot be removed after saving the Invoice. However the cost, discount and taxes can be modified using the Edit Invoice option. To rectify any other error you can cancel the Invoice , but the Stock level of products in Canceled invoice are not added back to inventory automatically. You need to manually add the stock back to inventory.