The Calendar is the default view when you log into your Ray account. It is one place for you to see your clinic’s schedule, create appointments, reschedule them, or change their details. You can also check-in patients, track patient queue and print your schedule. Before we begin let us understand every facet of the Calendar.

Here you see a list of doctors you have on board. The numbers in the brackets next to their names show the number of appointments with the respective doctor on the calendar.

Click on a doctor’s name to see all appointments scheduled with him/her and to check his/her patient queue information.

Glance over your clinic’s appointment schedule for the entire week, month or day
and control your calendar view from here.
week day month


See the appointments scheduled in the past or future from here.


Know the status of your patient queue from here.

Get a list view of upcoming appointments for the day. Check-in patients when they arrive. Note when they are engaged in a treatment room and record their check out time.
App list view

Click on ‘More’ to customise your calendar view, add doctors, print schedule and subscribe to calendar