‘Ray Payment Solution’ allows clinics to collect payments from patients online!


Key benefits:

  • The feature is available free of cost.
  • No need for any card machine.
  • Can initiate payments even when patients are not on – premise. Patients can make the payments from the SMS they receive.
  • Get instant payment receipts, SMS confirmations for completed payments and regular settlement emails to track your payments.

2 steps to collect cashless payments at your clinic:

Step 1 : You can see ‘Collect Payment’ option when you hover on any appointment card or on any patient listed in the patient queue.


Step 2: On clicking ‘Collect Payment’, you land on a screen where you need to enter the patient’s phone number and the amount to receive. Once this is done, click on ‘Send SMS’. That’s all your receptionist needs to do! Once the payment gets collected successfully, the same is displayed on the patient queue on the right-hand side of the page.


Collect pending payments in one click

  • Clinics can select multiple patients with pending payments in the clinic and send them online payment links to initiate due payments collection in one click.
  • Check out the Reports -> Amount Due page to send payment collection messages to patients based on your preferences.*
    *This is currently only available on Ray version 6. It will be available on v7 very soon.

What happens a payment is successful?

As soon as the payment is successful, an Invoice and a Payment receipt gets created with the entered amount.

The amount collected through the payment gets credited to your bank account in about 3 working days.

What patients need to do?    

  1. Receive SMS and click on Url (No need to enter OTP, details verified automatically!)
  2. Select preferred payment mode
  3. Complete payment

Clinics benefit from RPS in a range of situations.

  • Online payments can be accepted by simply selecting ‘Online payment – RPS’ mode during billing. This helps reduce a lot of billing waiting times for patients.
  • Clinics can send payment links to patients so that they can pay prior to their appointment thereby reducing risk of revenue loss on patient No-Shows.
  • Doctors can now receive payments for phone consultations, reviewing lab reports or absolutely anything else instantly by simply using RPS for sending online payment SMS to patients.

How do I track and receive my payments?

  • Once a payment is successful, you can immediately see the status reflecting in the patient queue on the right side of the calendar.
  • You get an SMS informing you about the status of an initiated payment (Success/ Failure/ Cancelled) immediately.
  • An invoice and payment receipt for ‘Consultation and Treatment’ is auto-generated in Ray
  • You get daily email updates at 7.00 am on the payments initiated online and the settlement status of previous payments
  • Withing 5 working days, the amount gets credited in the bank account you have registered with us.

Here’s a short video walkthrough of the feature.

Information on applicable transaction charges for RPS – Cashless Payments can be viewed here. 

Check out Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) here.

Transaction charges on RPS – Cashless: 

There are no explicit costs in using the feature. There’s only a transaction charge, which is essentially a payment to our vendor for enabling collection of online payments.

We, at Practo, strive to provide the most competitive transaction rates to all our customers and this is an ever ongoing process.

Below are the transaction rates applicable as per a clinic’s Ray subscription plan.

  1. A transaction cut of 1.8% (excl of GST) will be applicable for the following plans:
    1. Ray CM
    2. Ray 360
    3. Ray Pro
  2. A transaction rate of 2.0% (excl of GST) will be applicable for the following plans:
    1. Ray Atom
    2. Ray Starter
    3. Ray Personal
    4. Ray Basic
    5. Ray Professional
    6. Any of the above plans with specialty EMR
GST of 18% is applicable on the transaction cut.

Note: This feature is only available on Ray-Web currently. It will be available on Ray Mobile app soon.