Patients not showing up for doctor appointments is a widespread phenomenon in India. This can have dire consequences, especially due to the dearth of medical practitioners to address the health concerns of a growing population.

Practo now enables doctors to mark “patient no-show” against an appointment. Empowered with this information, Practo can take necessary action against the patient to ensure that the occurrence of patient no-show reduces over time.

How to mark patient no-show on the Ray Calendar:

Click on the patient’s appointment on the calendar. You will see a button called “no-show”. This will be active once an appointment time starts: doctors can mark an appointment as “no-show” till 5 days from the date of the appointment

Marking patient no-show on Ray v6 Calendar


Click on Confirm to mark no-show. This will trigger an email and SMS to patients to understand the reason of no-show. Since Practo takes necessary action on patients with a repeated history of no-show as per our Patient no-show policy (Practo acts only on patients who book via, and not the ones who are added by doctor/clinic in Ray software), it’s critical to ensure that this is marked for the correct patient.


When and where is the PNS Policy applicable?

  1. The patient no-show button is activated for every appointment from the appointment start time to 5 days from the date of appointment
  2. Doctors can mark patient no-show for all patients – Ray patients and app patients. However, Practo can take necessary action against repeat no-show patients ONLY if they have contacted the doctor through the Book facility on and Practo app


Start using the Patient no-show feature and help drive accountability among the patient community!

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