What is Establishment Experience Index?

It is an aggregate score of factors that directly affect patient experience: 1) clinic ratings, 2) recommendation(s) of doctors by patients, and 3) patients’ wait time (as entered in the feedback form).

How to ensure the best possible Establishment Experience Index for my establishment?

All three factors that influence the Establishment Experience Index — clinic ratings, recommendation(s) of doctors by patients,  and patients’ wait time — directly impact overall patient experience. In other words, an improvement in each of the aforementioned will ensure a great Establishment Experience Index.

Why is Establishment Experience Index not visible for all establishments?

Establishment Score is displayed only after an establishment accumulates at least 10 feedback for the associated doctors.

Which feedback is published on an establishment’s profile?

All feedback submitted by the patients will be available on the establishment’s profile. This also includes recommendation(s) of doctors by patients. However, it is mandatory that the feedback is from a patient who consulted the doctor at the given establishment only.

Please note:

If the patient has consulted the doctor at some other establishment, then the feedback will not show up on your establishment.

How can I collect more feedback for my establishment?

Practo collects feedback on the doctor and establishment level. To collect more feedback, please share the feedback link with your patients.

What happens if a doctor moves out of my establishment?

If a doctor moves out, their recommendations and feedback (collected during their period of association), remain on your establishment’s profile. Thereafter, a note is added — “This doctor is no longer available at this practice”.