To send SMS’s to groups, click on the Communications tab which is located on the menu bar.


You will be directed to a new page with three tabs located on top. Click on SMS Center.
You can select specific groups that you want to contact by clicking on ‘Groups’ located within the SMS Center.

SMS Center-Groups


You even have the option to add groups at this stage in case you want to create a new set of recipients. Just click on ‘Add group’ and name the group.

Add Group to SMS Center

Once you name the group, click on ‘ok’ to confirm the group. This will take you to a new page with all your existing contacts. You can add as many members to the newly created group by clicking on the ‘add’ button. Once you have added all the new records for the group, click on save.

 Adding patients to SMS groups

You have now successfully created a new group with a set of recipients that can be sent customised SMS’s.