Ray Connect – India’s #1 virtual assistant for clinics!

What is Ray Connect?

Ray Connect is a clinic’s Virtual Assistant which primarily takes care of all its call management needs. It adds value to a clinic’s workflow by :

  • Helping patient book appointments without clicking a button or picking a call
  • Ensuring clinics do not miss a patient call for appointments during, as well as, after clinic hours.
  • Automating most common patient queries in the call flow itself
  • Providing 100% quality monitoring by access to all incoming/outgoing calls with auto call recording

What are features of Ray Connect?

For Callers / Patients

Ray Connect allows callers to:

  • Get clinic details over call and SMS – Address & Timings
  • Book an appointment over call without even talking to receptionist
  • Connect to the clinic
  • Connect directly to the doctor in case of emergency
  • Leave a voice message 

For Clinics

Ray Connect allows clinics to:

  • Customise the call flow setup as per their preference
  • Place outgoing calls using Connect
  • Monitor all incoming/outgoing calls and listen to call recordings

Ray Connect Pricing 

Two available plans for Ray Connect

  1. Connect 1000 – Get 1000 credits per month
    1. 1 year : Rs. 2999 per monthDiscounted price : Rs. 1499 per month *
    2.  2 years : Rs. 2499 per month – Discounted price : Rs. 1249 per month *
    3.  = 3 years : Rs. 1999 per month – Discounted price : Rs. 999 per month *
  2.  Connect 4000 – Get 4000 credits per month
    1. 1 year : Rs. 4999 per month  Discounted price : Rs. 2499 per month *
    2. 2 years : Rs. 4499 per month – Discounted price : Rs. 2249 per month *
    3. >= 3 years : Rs. 3999 per month – Discounted price : Rs. 1999 per month *

*Offer valid for a limited period only.

Credit definition :

  • 1 Incoming call of 60 seconds = 1 credit (Call forwarded to clinic from VN)
  • 1 Outgoing call of 60 seconds = 2 credits ( VN Call made to a patient)
  • Monthly free credits if unused cannot be carry forwarded to the next month
  • SMS triggered will not consume any credits
  • In case you are out of credits for the month, you can visit the store to get paid add-on credits as per your requirement. These paid credits will get carried forwarded to next month if unused.

Frequently asked Question?

How will I generate Order for Ray Connect?

Ray Connect is available on store.practo.com and is available for clinics in specific cities as of now.

Are there any basic requirements to buy Practo Connect?

Yes, It is an Add-on and not a stand alone product. Hence you should have an active Ray subscription to purchase Connect.

Which number do clinics get when he subscribes to Connect?

Clinics get a dedicated VN once they purchase Connect. 

Connect is available in how many Languages?

Its available in six languages. English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada. Marathi will be added very soon 

Can clinics have personalized Menu or Voice Recording?


Will there be any server downtime / Issues?

No. Our network providers are extremely reliable and we haven’t had a single downtime since last 3 months.

Can multiple calls be received at same time?

Yes, Three concurrent calls can be attended at the same point in time

Can receptionist delete call recordings?

No, only Owner and Administrator has this access.

What happens when clinics run low on credits?

We will flash a warning message when credits for a clinic go below 100 at any time as well as an SMS and in-product warning when they go below 250. Till then, there will be no deductions from our end.

Can calls be place to DND Numbers?


Should you have any further queries, kindly reach out to us on support@practo.com