Dear Doctors,

Over the past few weeks, we collected feedback from a lot of our users to help us improve our product and deliver a much better experience to you.

Here is how we have improved Ray Payment Solution:

  1. Guaranteed 3-day payment settlements help you get better control on your clinic’s revenue
  2. 1-click collection of pending payments initiates payment requests instantly, against all your pending invoices
  3. Easy integration with billing eliminates manual intervention from the time you initiate a payment till the generation of the payment receipt
  4. Uninterrupted performance on 2G/3G/4G ensures that the payments are absolutely hassle-free and quick
  5. Lower transaction charges (coming soon)

Ray Payment Solution is designed to reduce manual effort and the billing time. Its ease of use and bank-level security is guaranteed to impress your patients too!
You can read more about RPS here: