Update: New! Consent Form Editor. Details below. 

You can now collect medical consent from your patients on the Practo Tab. This form lets you collect an electronic signature from the patient.

The ‘Consent Form’ icon is available on the patient home screen. You can either click this or select ‘Patient Records’ and from there go to ‘Files & Forms’ to open the same.



Click on ‘View’ to preview the Consent Form or click the title to collect consent.



When you select a patient, their details are automatically filled up.


Collect the patient’s and doctor’s signatures.


You can also ‘Print’ and ‘Email’ the Consent Form once you have finished adding all details.


Consent Form can be viewed in the ‘Patient Records’ under ‘Files & Forms’.


Introducing Consent Forms Editor

This is an easy way for doctors to create your own consent forms.

How do I use this feature? 

  1. Access the editor on Ray Web> Settings> Consent Forms
  2. Click ‘Create’ for a new consent form
  3. Hover on an existing consent form and click ‘Use as template’ to create a form based on the existing consent form

What is the consent form format?

The form consists of two sections:

  • Procedure information, where doctors add the following details:
    • Procedure details
    • Alternative treatments available
    • Risks
    • Complications
  • Patient consent, the terms and conditions the patient must agree to:
    • A character limit of 2500 on this section as the patient’s signature must fit on the same page as the T&C

Validations for creating the consent form:

  • Multiple forms cannot have the same title
  • form title should be more than 3 characters
  • Patient consent cannot be empty
  • patient consent cannot be more than 2500