Here’s how you upload a video onto your Practo Tab.

  1. Connect the Practo Tab with a Micro-usb to your computer or laptop.
  2. Tap on “USB connected” notification on notification bar on the Tab.
  3. Turn on USB storage.
  4. Tap on ‘OK’ button shown on pop up message.
  5. The Tab will appear as a storage device (like a USB pendrive) on your computer. Open it, and copy the video files (only mp4 format H.264 codec) to “Movies” folder in tablet storage. (steps on converting video format mentioned below)
  6. After copying files, Disconnect the the Practo Tab from your PC or Laptop.
  7. Patients can watch these videos on on the Tab Lockscreen, by tapping on Video.Screen Shot Display Video
** Converting a video to .mp4 H.264 format
The video player in Tab software supports only MP4 H.264 codec right now. There is no limitation on the size or the length of the video.
You can use video conversion software such as and Select MP4 H.264 codec to converting the videos.