Logging in to Practo Tab for the First time

After you’ve charged your tablet and turned it on, you’ll see the login screen. Use your Practo Ray login details to login in to your tablet.

Login Screen

You will then be prompted to set a PIN for your Tablet, and be asked to confirm it again.


Once you do that, the practice data gets synced to your Tab.

Practice Details Synced

Once that’s done, you are taken to the Home Screen.

Home Screen

Adding multiple users for Practo Tab

  • You will have to add staff member members online at ray.practo.com.

  • They will then get automatically synced to your Tab.

Adding Multiple clinics to Practo Tab.

You need to add the practice online at ray.practo.com  first. After it has been synced, you can switch between practices by tapping on your practice’s name.

Swithcing Practices

Setting up Patient Registration:

Tap on Add new Patient/Client from the homescreen.

Add Client

This opens up the form where you can punch in the details of your new patient.

Add Patient

Setting up Patient Feedback

Patient feedback is automatically set up when you turn on your Tab. If you want to change the questions in your feedback form, Tap on Settings -> Feedback Questions.

Split .32

Tao on the checkmark to select/deselect the questions you want to go on your feedback form.

Feedback Questions

Logging out

Tap the User Menu on the top-right corner, and tap on Logout. This protects your practice’s data from any unauthorised access.