You see a the list of appointments on the right of the calendar, they are arranged according to the time at which the appointments are scheduled. Each appointment in the list, on the right, has a button. Here’s how to use them:

Check-in: When a patient arrives at the clinic for a scheduled appointment you can make a note of that by clicking on the ‘Check-in’ button in his appointment. Once you check-in a patient, his/her waiting time calculation begins and the ‘Engage’ button shows up.

Engage: When the doctor is ready to see the patient, and the patient enters the treatment room you can click on the engage button. This begins his engagement time calculation and the ‘Engage’ button converts into a ‘Check Out’ button.

Check out: When the patient returns from the treatment room, you can click on the ‘Check Out’ button. This will help the you understand for how long the patient was engaged by the doctor.

Everytime you click any one of the Check In, Engage or Check Out buttons, it directly reflects in the Schedule overview, telling you exactly how many appointments are scheduled, how many patient are waiting, engaged and how many have checked out today.

You can also see the average waiting time overall. This information helps you understand how efficiently your practice is running.

You can also click on a doctor’s name on the left to get the Schedule and Patient Queue information for that doctor only. So that you can gauge the performance of the doctor, how many patients are waiting for him, his treatment time and whether is he is engaged in a treatment at that point in time.