Appointment Categories for booking a Venue

For procedures like surgeries or examinations requiring specialized equipment, there is a chance that two patients are scheduled at the same time or for overlapping time periods. That results into inconvenience for patients, doctors, and staff alike. To avoid such situations, it is recommended to use “Appointment Categories” option when you add an appointment.

How does that help?

Practo Ray will create a separate Calendar for each Appointment Category. The calendar for Appointment Category should be used when scheduling an appointment for the Appointment Category (which is your venue).


The Add Appointment form displays a warning for scheduling conflicts for a Venue if an overlap happens. It ensures that no scheduling conflict happens due to overbooking of a Venue.


How do I set up Appointment Categories?

Appointment Categories can be defined in your Practice Settings. Click on Settings and go to Calendar.

Settings - Calendar

Once you’re there, click on the Appointment Category form. You can add or delete appointment categories from here.

Appointment Categories

When you Add a category from here, it will start appearing in Add Appointment form.